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Tracy Jansen – Coach

Tracy is a passionate and enthusiastic CrossFit athlete and coach! When she’s not at the gym she can be found spending time with her family, working full time at a pharmaceutical company, or or immersing herself in new hobbies.

Tracy found her passion for fitness in 2011, and has since lost 100lbs through diet and exercise. She became a personal trainer in 2012 and eventually found CrossFit in 2016, right before having her son. She took a big break from fitness and found herself back at square one! She revisited CrossFit in 2018 and it quickly became her favorite activity! Since then, she’s regained her pre-pregnancy fitness and then surpassed it in ways she never imagined was possible!

As a coach, Tracy strives to bring her love of fitness to every person at every skills level. Her personal health journey has helped her relate to athletes of every skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced! Tracy has always had a passion for teaching! At 14 she started work as a swim instructor and her professional career has also had a strong focus in learning and development! Over the last decade plus she’s grown her love of training from a position as department lead trainer, site wide quality system trainer, then primary instructor for network wide classroom trainings. Finally leading to her current role where she manages the training system for the US site.

As an athlete, she spends her time learning new skills and refining old ones. She has a passion for learning new things and uses that drive to research how to tackle her weaknesses and help others grow along side her!

Tracy loves to take on any challenge so you’ll often see her signing up for any challenge, competition, or race that catches her attention! In recent years she’s had a few podium finishes at local CrossFit competitions and races. One of her proudest achievements was when she placed in the top 5% in the 2022 CrossFit Open and ended the season with a level 9 out of 10.