Stop, Don’t Start

~Written by Rose Colleran~

Back to school, back to life, back to reality!  Much like the beginning of a new year, autumn can signal a time of new beginnings – a time to start fresh by creating some new habits or perhaps changing or stopping some old ones that aren’t serving you well.

I recently read an interesting perspective from Brad Pilon of Eat Stop Eat. He suggested that the whole philosophy of “starting” a diet or similar lifestyle change might be all wrong. Maybe the simpler solution is to “stop”.

Wait… What?

How many times have you said you are going to “start” eating better (or similar) on Monday, next week or after vacation, etc.? Maybe you planned to “start” after the holidays, when a big project at work is completed or at the end of the summer when your children return to school and you have more time.

Rather than waiting for free time to suddenly appear or feeling overwhelmed by the idea of mastering complicated diets, counting calories and rules, how about you simply just stop?

For example:

  • Stop eating food from the vending machine.
  • Stop drinking alcohol on a daily basis.
  • Stop purchasing foods to fill your cabinets that you know are triggers for overeating.
  • Stop eating dessert every night (or multiple times per day).
  • Stop drinking “diet” drinks with artificial sweeteners.

Pretty straightforward, right? None of these things require extra time or effort to educate yourself about something new. So why don’t you pick just one thing to “stop” and see where that takes you? You would be amazed how success at one small change energizes you to make more.

Even small changes can eventually add up to huge results ~

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