Sam Burns – CrossFit Coach

Trying to sum up what CrossFit has given me is difficult. It has helped change my body for the better, of course, but it is about SO MUCH MORE than that. Through CrossFit, I’ve come to appreciate hard work, discipline, integrity, and drive in ways I never have before. I have rediscovered mental resilience and confidence in my physical capabilities. I’ve become part of a community of diverse people who are unified by their desire to be a better version of themselves, one day at a time.

I believe completely in the ability of the CrossFit methodology to provide you with the template for staving off chronic disease and improving your overall health; I am committed to being the best coach that I can be, in order to make that goal a reality, for all athletes of any fitness level.


  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids Trainer
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
  • CrossFit Anatomy Certificate
  • CrossFit Scaling Certificate
  • CrossFit Spot The Flaw Certificate
  • CrossFit Lesson Planning Certificate
  • CrossFit Judges Certificate 2018