Russ Vaclavik – Coach

I have battled my weight most of my life and have tried everything to lose weight including many different exercise programs. In 2016 my wife and I tried boxing as something new and outside our comfort zone.  I enjoyed it but she did not and after a couple months she stopped, and I continued. Through personal one on one training, classes and sparring I discovered discipline, self-control, stamina, and a feeling I could push myself in ways I never had before. I was training and on my way to my first amateur fight when injury forced me to withdraw. Throughout the experience I wanted more than just boxing and still wanted to find something both of us could do. I needed something with weights and cardio, so we decided to try CrossFit. I had ballooned to well over 300 pounds, have two bad knees and two bad shoulders. How on earth could I do CrossFit I thought? Talk about outside my comfort zone! Enter this community.  So helpful, so accepting and so supportive. My favorite word is SCALING. I was able take everything I learned in boxing and apply it here two-fold. Best of all my wife loves it too. Slowly I dropped over a 100 pounds and felt so much better. I understand the feeling of being self-conscious and self-doubting every time I walk into the gym. This perspective gives me a unique view of CrossFit and I am proof positive that CrossFit is for everyone. I have ring experience, sometimes training 7 days a week and twice a day, and have met so many great people. Why not give back the way so many have given to me. I want everyone to feel as comfortable as I do at this gym and have made it my mission to do so.  I absolutely love teaching and sharing what has meant so much to me!!


  • CrossFit Level 1