Team Sports Conditioning

CrossFit is the answer to both pre and off-season training for middle and high school athletes. The program is designed to help dedicated athletes reach their full potential and achieve real results. Athletes will see significant improvements in strength, power, coordination, stability, stamina, flexibility and overall fitness. In the program we will also discuss proper nutrition, a critical component to maximizing an athlete’s potential.

Free 45-Minute Introductory Session for Groups of 10 or More

Register for 6-8 week sessions; contact Rose Colleran ().

Hear what fellow and former high school athletes and parents have to say about the program:

CrossFit has helped me become more confident in sports and in every day life. It provided me with a good strength base for football and lacrosse and it gives me confidence because of how I look and feel.

Brady Neeb – MHS Lacrosse & Football

The constantly varied workouts kept me interested and allowed me to strengthen all areas of my fitness in a 1-hour class. My speed increased. My strength increased. My lateral and explosive movements became stronger and faster which allowed me to become one of the top scorers on my team. My 100 yard sprint time went from 18 seconds to 14 seconds in just 3 months.

Katie Ott – MHS Lacrosse & UMass Amherst Lacrosse Captain

CrossFit has helped me round out my athleticism with whole-body workouts that offer more than the rowing machine can. My rowing improved a lot as well my overall fitness and health.

John Cresap – Dartmouth College Varsity Rowing

The coaches at RCFM are highly qualified and knowledgeable, extremely professional, dynamic and approachable. They customized a program to meet our specific needs-high energy, fast-paced and fun. The girls were never bored. I would highly recommend RCFM to any sports team looking for a quality, well organized and cost effective off-season training program.

Kirsty Young – Blake MS Girls Soccer Team Parent