Member Testimonials

“20lbs in 6 weeks!!  I couldn’t believe it but that’s what I had accomplished with the help and guidance of Rose’s nutritional counseling.  I started working with Rose when I realized that I had finally succumb to the “Dad bod” after fighting it for several years.  As my family and work grew and developed, they rightfully started to take up more and more of the time I would use for another workout to help keep my weight in check.  The lack of extra time to work out combined with not wanting food to go to waste when my kids wouldn’t eat, led me to quickly gaining weight to a point where I knew I needed to do something.

As someone who used to have to watch their weight for sports, I thought I knew what to do to lose a few pounds but after trying on my own, I realized I needed help and that’s when I reached out to Rose.  Rose was very thoughtful and respectful to me as we began working together.  Rose would message me with insightful questions that helped me to better understand the nuances of nutrition and making smarter choices to better meet my goals.  When I had events approaching, like summer BBQs and work trips, Rose helped provide me with the right information to make good choices.

I know I’m still on this journey but I feel more empowered in my nutrition than I have ever been before.  I know I couldn’t have accomplished it on my own without Rose’s help.” ~ Max Pazdan

“The June “Get on Track” program helped me significantly improve my nutrition. Rose provided excellent guidance on the appropriate daily total calorie level and balance of macros based on my body composition and activity level.  The effectiveness of the program was clearly evident from the improvement between my June and July InBody scans.  I encourage anyone who is interested in revamping their nutrition to contact Rose for a baseline scan and consultation.” ~ Karl Banty

“I joined Medfield CrossFit in March ’22 and while I have seen improvement in my weight and strength, I really started to see big results in my weight loss once I started working with Rose.  In June I joined the Get on Track Challenge.  Working with Rose was the best decision and this challenge really gave me a jump on my weight loss, overall health improvement and a better me!  Since June 1st, I have lost 17 ½ lbs., 3” in my waist and 3” in my hips and my Body Fat Mass went from 102.3 to 88.5!  I highly recommend joining the Nutrition Program with Rose and having the InBody body composition scan done, as it is the perfect way to track your results.  Rose is brilliant, patient and will give you the best recommendations for your level and guidance on your health journey based on your individual needs.” ~ Leanne DiNatale

“It’s been six months since I started macros so I decided to look at before & after photos and I can’t deny the results and how much better I feel! I want to give you a HUGE thanks for helping me get started on his path so, THANK YOU!!!” ~ Kaleen Childers

“Rose has helped me feel like myself again! With her guidance and encouragement she makes it easy to feel excited about getting started and staying on track.  For the longest time I was under the impression that I needed to cut calories and remove an entire food group from my diet. Rose has taught me that by following the specific guidelines for my body, I can enjoy all the food I love. It has been incredibly easy to make the adjustments needed for amazing results. I now have food working FOR me rather then AGAINST me.  I feel leaner and stronger, I have more energy, I sleep better, and just feel better all around. With each body comp scan Rose also shares in my excitement of reaching my goals. This whole experience has been so positive that I wish I didn’t wait so long to get started.” ~ Jess Monteiro

“Rose provides accountability. I have increased awareness of the types and quantities of food I eat. I was getting measured for some new dress shirts today…Chest size down 5″… Waist size down 9″…Hip size down 7″…Thanks so much for your help with this!!” ~ Michael Schumacher