Daniel Naranjo – Coach

Daniel is a cancer drug research physician and former combat veteran who has a passion for fitness. Over the course of his life Daniel has been involved with fitness at a variety of levels. He began his fitness endeavour with mixed martial arts as a competitive fighter during the early to mid 90s. Following his time as an MMA athlete in high school, he continued his fitness journey as a high school water polo and wrestling athlete. After high school Dan joined the Marine Corps serving as a flight engineer for combat helicopters during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He continued his professional career after studying finance, and went on to medical school to subsequently become a physician. Daniel had a passion for discovering new innovative ways to treat patients and found himself in drug development. Currently, Daniel leads a division at a biotechnology company where he develops and leads programs to help patients overcome treatment resistant cancers.  In 2013 Daniel found CrossFit and participated in CrossFit-type programs with SEALFIT for years. During this time he fell in love with the idea of slamming heaving barbells and took on olympic weightlifting which has led him to become a competitive olympic weightlifter at the ripe age of 39. Daniel has a passion to help the CrossFit Medfield family realize their strength, and help them prevent chronic disease through coaching and facilitating their growth through CrossFit and olympic lifting.

Athletic Achievements:

  • High School Water Polo
  • High School Wrestling
  • MMA Athlete
  • Olympic Weightlifter


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • USA Weightlifting Advanced