Cristina Anderson – Coach

In 2017, I was a new mom who was struggling with a lifetime of body image issues and a serious lack of self love. At the time, I weighed 350 pounds and I knew I needed to make a change; not only for myself, but for my daughter. Having some prior experience with CrossFit, I dove back in and never looked back! Having very little athletic background growing up, I pride myself on being an example that CrossFit is for everyone, regardless of body type or athletic ability. CrossFit changed the way I view my body – it taught me how to love and appreciate myself, not for what I look like, but for what my body can do. I truly believe that it is my life’s calling to coach others and lead them to their own personal journey toward self discovery though CrossFit. Now a mom of 2 young girls, I am dedicated to creating a place of comfort, support, and encouragement in every class that I coach and making everyone feel welcomed and celebrated in the CrossFit arena. CrossFit has brought me so much more than weight loss, it gave me my life back.


  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • Dumbbells Certificate
  • Lesson Planning Certificate
  • Programming Certificate
  • Scaling Certificate
  • Spot the Flaw Certificate
  • Judges Certificate (2021)